“You know that whole ‘chess against Death’ thing? Yeah, you’re doing that. Not with Death, though. With me. Because I already won. Everyone who bet a couple more years of life on their game was an idiot. That whole time, they could’ve been asking for this job as a prize. You can’t, though. The rules are a bit different, now. Don’t worry, you’re still getting out of here. Just… not the way you were. I’m feeling a bit more creative than that. So, what do you want to play?”

The New Ars Moriendi is a superhero (and supervillain) setting leaning more on the magic side of the issue, rather than any attempt at passing for sci-fi. Even so, things will be staying fairly grounded. Power scaling is going to trend lower than average, and consequences are going to trend more permanent than average. But despite powers having a morbid starting point, and despite the intentional steering of the situation (by the man quoted above) toward balance and continued conflict rather than any endpoint, this world isn’t meant to be a miserable place. Not always.

A good starting point for this setting is Miracle Girls #1, which can be found here.

Content Warnings

Various characters in this setting die, permanently or otherwise, in some rather unfortunate ways. As the setting grows, the list of characters and situations this applies to will only expand. This world isn’t for the squeamish, basically.

Also, sometimes supervillains are bad people. Who knew? Anyone who prefers to top out at the “Saturday Morning Cartoons” level of villainy might want to ignore this project.

Rating Information

The content of this setting is estimated as averaging a PG-13 rating based on publicly available MPAA rating criteria.

Specific details are going to vary from storyline to storyline.

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